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Garment Wall Racks
Wall Garment Rack :

With high engineering skill we also offer Wall Mount Garment Racks, as per your requirement. This can be used for stacking garments / Accesstories using wall space. We can make customised rackes in this range as per csutomer's design.

Standard Size : 96" x 36" x 18" inches

Shelves : As per requirement

 Features :

1. Easy facility to install and dismantle,  shift one place to other conveniently.  
2. Shift shelf  as  per product / your requirement.
3. International design and pattern for maximum strenght.
4. Material:  high quality steel, 
5. Surface 6 tank process powder coating.
6. The racking can be assembled and dismantled easily and shelves can be adjustable as per requirement. 

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