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Closed Shelving Rack
Closed Shelving Rack
As one of the larget selling of  supermarket racks company, we offer all range of  racks. Closed shelving racks is one of exclusive and usefull to store valuable Accessories and it also give protection from pest, for some parishable products. High quality tempered glass used for door,  we check these rack on various parameters to ensure the quality and durability.

Shelves :  18, 18, 15, 15, 12.

Features :

1. Easy facility to install and dismantle,  shift one place to other conveniently.  
2. Shift shelf  as  per product / your requirement.
3. International design and pattern for maximum strenght.
4. Material:  high quality steel, 
5. Surface 6 tank process powder coating.
6. The racking can be assembled and dismantled easily and shelves can be adjustable as per requirement. 

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