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8 ft Wall Rack With Branding
8' ft Wall Rack

8’ ft  wall rack  specially made for  Branding,  2’ ft height  prominent branding  with light / without light on top.
Recover your rack investment by doing branding.

Shelves :  18, 18, 15, 15, 12.

Features :

1. It is most widely used wall racks with light /withut light branding on top.
2. Also can do branding on Guard  Rail.
3. Easy facility to install and dismantle,  shift one place to other conveniently.  
4. Shift shelf  as  per product / your requirement.
5. International design and pattern for maximum strenght.
6. Material:  high quality steel, 
7. Surface 6 tank process powder coating.
8. Very user’s friendly.
9. The racking can be assembled and dismantled easily and shelves can be adjustable as per requirement. 


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